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Based on popular demand, Build-a-Booty FIERCE 1.0 Guide is a 4 week long workout E-book that’s designed to specifically help tone, shape, strengthen, and build your booty! Each week has 5 unique workout days with designated resistance training using bands and your bodyweight with active stretches and cool down stretches! Each workout has a special 5 STEP order that I have found useful during my booty training practice to not only effectively tone but to build a strong & full 3D looking behind. Each workout should take you roughly about 25 minutes to complete and mostly can be done in the comfort of your own home, no gym required! Combine this program with your normal routine for the fastest and ultimate results! Here’s what you receive with the Build-a-Booty FIERCE 1.0: ▷42 page Digital downloadable PDF E-book in ENGLISH that you can access easily and can save on your smartphone or iPad to take anywhere with you (not a dvd or mailed paper product) ▷4 weeks of booty shaping, toning, and building exercises for all fitness level! (no upper body movements) ▷A step by step breakdown of all the workouts. Proper form is crucial to best results. ▷PDF E-book that never expires! Once you download, it’s yours to keep even once you complete the 4 weeks! Once you order, we will automatically be able to download the PDF to your computer, iPad, or Phone. For more information about downloads please contact us at: [email protected]

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